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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

[REVIEW] Eraida Beauty ENVIE Liquid Matte

Happy Tuesday~
Today, I'll be reviewing these lip matte from Eraida Beauty. Thank you EB for sending me these cuties! I went in totally (aww) mood when I opened the package and saw this girly purply tin case. It's so ON POINT and already collected 5 pizza ratings from me 😘

There's a totally of 5 colors that have a name on every number;
💖 EL01 Cupid - nude pink
💖 EL02 Tiara - mauvy pink
💖 EL03 Eternal - red with orange hue
💖EL04 Blossom - nude brown
💖 EL05 Queen - chocolate

How cute is that?!

Simple yet slick packaging 👍

You could say that all the colors are pretty much the range of colors that I would try collect for myself except for the "Eternal" color because I'm afraid of bright colors. However, when I first saw this color, right away, it reminds me of the KylieCosmetics "Doll" liquid lipstick which is a color that I secretly would like to try myself. So thank you EB for the chance!

These liquid matte smells so good like chocolate. I feel like I could lick it right away! However, it might not as strong as you think it is so no worries for the overwhelming fragrance :)

Usually liquid lipsticks have different texture because of pigment in colors but I find that these liquid matte is almost identical in formula to each other so each of them perform almost similar on me.

I used all of these colors during Raya celebration and I could tell you my verdict.
Firstly, this does dry your lip if you have a dry lip like mine so it's wise to apply any kind of lip balm or vaseline before applying so that it won't be too dry and it will cause crack later on.

The liquid lipstick dries reasonably in time. It is because I can still layered it up and doesn't cause dragging. However, after it dries, I wouldn't recommend adding layers to it because it will drag the formula.

It last for a good amount of hours if you don't drink nor eating. It does transfer to stuff, for example, if you're drinking, it transfers to the cup. I'm not sure why it does this but at least the color on your lip won't fade.

For light colors like cupid and blossom, there might be a little streaky when applying but you can just add up layers to it and for deeper colors, they applies smoothly without problems.

I would say that the formula isn't thick and very watery and it feels lightweight but it depends on how many layers you put on. One or two layers might still feel lightweight 😊

Thank you for reading!
xoxo Mizu

Monday, July 3, 2017

[REVIEW] Benton Cacao Moist and Mild Cream

Hey guys! Missed me? I'm not totally dead and have been doing microblogging on instagram rather than doing one in blogger. If you still haven't followed me instagram, do so by following my account on @ashihana 

This way you'll get the fastest review posted by me. I'm so into microblogging because I find that it is in fact easier for me, no more time consuming editing and you'll get to read basically the summary of all however, those who would love clearer pictures can still read the reviews on my blog :D (although it might take time for me to do one)

Anyway, in today's post, I'll be reviewing this NEW released product by Benton Cosmetics. I was selected as one of the reviewer of the new product and they sent me one to try. I was sooo excited!

So what's GOOD about this cream?
 Benton's Cacao Moist and Mild Cream is a lightweight cream made of healthy ingredients. Having a light texture, even a generous amount of the cream does not leave the skin heavy. Cacao extracts and hyaluronic acid help to replenish dry skin, leaving it dewy and vibrant.

Cacao Extract 63% : Rich in polyphenols, which are antioxidants and in minerals, Cacao Extract helps to moisturize and soften skin.

Cacao seed butter 10% : Obtained from the pressed seeds of cacao, Cacao seed butter consists of beneficial fatty acids such as palmitic acid, stearic acid, and oleic acid. It helps to retain moisture.

Theobroma Cacao Extract (Cocoa) Extract, Theorboma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Water, Sorbitan Olivate, 1,2-Hexandiol, Pentylene Glycol, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Extract, Zanthxylum Piperitum Fruit Extract, Pulsatilla Koreana Extract, Usnea Barbata (Lichen) Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Polyglutamic Acid, Madecassioside, Beta-Glucan, Carbomer, Arginine, Xanthan Gum

Came in a tube that does not released much air. So it won't deflate even if the product is finished.

I'm about halfway of the tube now and might be finishing it sooner because I love this cream!
I would basically avoided creams that say hydration or moisture because most likely it would cause me of having milia because my skin is not good with heavy creams. However, this cream by Benton which targeted all types of skin and it's branded as "LIGHTWEIGHT" won me over.

The cream definitely very lightweight on the skin and at the same time, it gives abundant of moisture! The cream spreads very easily on skin, almost feels like watery and it absorbs well into my skin too.  Although it gives hydration to the skin, it does not feel oily at all no matter how much I applied it on and it also does not leaves any sticky feeling afterwards.

Although I was hoping that the cream would secretly have a chocolate smells in it but unfortunately it does not contain any scent to it which is a win for those who dislike fragrance in their products.

After using it for almost three weeks now, I can say that it doesn't inflamed my face nor it gives me any breakouts and it actually the opposite. I find that my redness are calmer after I applied it on and my skin does feels smoother now. I would recommend this on summer or countries like mine because it is lightweight and does not cause my oily skin any problem. If you're looking for a mild cream with great water-oil balance in it, this is definitely for you.

I would rate this:

Thank you for reading!
xoxo Mizu

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Celebrate Raya with Althea's Raya Giveaway Festival!

Have you guys got your Raya makeup yet?! I'm so excited to announce that Althea is giving away one free product per customer for Althea's Raya Giveaway Festival! Yes, you heard that right! Event start from 1st June until stock last! Go and shop now at App for both Android and iOS or at their website. The shipping is free for purchase over RM99 including the Althea's Limited Edition Raya Box!! 

Now I'm going to choose some for myself! 
This Raya Giveaway Festival only applies to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia-

Sunday, March 12, 2017

[REVIEW] Zahara Breatheable Nail Polish - Halal and Wudhu Friendly!

Hi guys!

I would like to thank Zahara Cosmetics (Insta : @lovefromzahara) for sending these oxygen nail polish a.k.a water permeable nail polish to me💅. It is a wudhu-friendly nail polish that I'm very excited to try and I knew these nail polishes got viral back then but I never really try one.

They send me "Blush Crush" which is a candy pink in color and "Simply Covered" which is nude in color, kinda your-nails-but-better 😉

My application is kinda....emm...

I lovvvee this kind of remover since it is easy to use! Just dip to remove!

I did a week of testing with both colors and surprisingly got tons of compliments on how pretty it looks despite the not-so-great application by me since I raaareely wear nail polish.

In terms of wearability, I'd say this is comfortable to wear. I had problems with non-breatheable nail polish since it feels suffocated on my nails but with the thin coats I did with this, it does feels light on hand. I suggest a light coat or about one of two coats to let your nails breathe and wudhu can go through. It's halal too so you don't have to remove it to perform your solat.

It's not a peel-off nail polish that you'd see a lot in the market nowadays and you need a nail polish remover to remove it. Luckily Zahara carries a remover and I tried and it removes the nail polish effortlessly with the dip-to-remove remover style.

These nail polishes are FREE from Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor which these ingredients can cause cancer, birth defects, allergies, and poisonous to health. How crazy to think that a lot of nail polish have these! 😱

The colors are pigmented and it dries really fast once you put them on so try to apply as fast as you can before it gets tacky and for a clean coat. 

By far, "Simply Covered" is my favourite because it really doesn't seem like you wear one but still want to look gorg in class 😆
"Blush Crush" would be nice for a fun outing I'd say 😊

Get yours from Zahara Cosmetics, 
 Insta @lovefromzahara ❤

Thursday, February 9, 2017

[REVIEW] Secret Key Tattoo Eyebrow Tint Pack


Today, I'll be reviewing this eyebrow tint from Secret Key. It is one of the peel off tint that you might have seen around Kbeauty community and it is also my first time trying this peel off trend. I don't know why but I'm not that interested before but now I do..haha

So, in short, I saw this on and I needed a new eyebrow pencil, then coincidentally came across this and thought why not? that's how the story goes.

I bought this for RM on, make sure to check them out!

Soft brush tip.

I know there isn't a lot of pictures here but I have a great demo of it in a video that I posted on my instagram and I'll link it here so you can watch it.

A video posted by Mizu (@ashihana) on

My verdict:

1) Long lasting
On my instagram, I said that the tint will disappear after one wash and yes it does. I did try of using it just for half an hour as well as 1-2 hours testing on me and I find that the longer to leave it to dry on your eyebrow, the better color outcome as well as it won't wash out easily when you clean your face. If you did leave it for hours, the next time you wash your face, there still would be traces left.
The tint won't budge nor disappear as long as you don't wash that part of eyebrow.

2) Color
I chose cafe latte color which is a light toffee brown color and it does came out like the ad photos they shown. This color would be awkward on me without an extra help of the same color browcara since my hair is black. By the way, I do love the color on me, just personal preference.

3) Smell
There isn't much smell to it once you peel it off and the wet liquid certainly smells a bit like glue but I don't think it would bother anyone since it wasn't that strong.

4) Easy peel off
My brows is a little on the bushy side, certainly not really full but the hair is long so that's why it is hard to control. I find it is easier to peel off if you leave it for 1-2 hours but if you don't want to wait for that long, the liquid would still be a little wet and making it a little hard to peel. 

Overall, I like it and would repurchase it again :)
Thank you for reading.

[REVIEW] Son&Park Beauty Water 500ml

Hey guys!

Today I'll be sharing my review for this all-time raved Beauty Water from Son&Park.
I bought this from for about RM175 for 500ml (the biggest one they had!) and they are eligible for free shipping since orders above RM99, you'll get free shipping. That's s super deal right?! And to add, I also got a free Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence in one of their event which you'll get one free item of your choice. I actually wanted to buy the combo, Beauty Water and Beauty Gel but sadly the Beauty Gel is out of stock that time so I chose the Benton instead. Both are great deal anyway since I'd love to try either one.

Here's a little info that you might want to know about this product;
  1. A multitasking toner and cleansing water that creates a clean base for any skin care and makeup that follows. 
  2. The Beauty Water is not just a cleanser, it also has mild exfoliation abilities with willow bark and papaya extract to help sweep away dead skin cells, revealing brighter skin tone and smoother texture. Lavender water, rose water, and orange fruit extract impart a subtle hydration so your skin can be prepped to absorb the next skin care steps, while adding in a bit of moisture.
  3. Beauty Water can be used in the morning to create the perfect canvas for makeup application, midday as a refresher and night after cleansing to whisk away remaining impurities. For normal, oily, dry, and combinations skin types. Beauty Water has a pH of 4.5, effectively resetting the skin's natural pH after cleansing. - source Sokoglam.

I tried to darken the words written on the box since they're so light in color.

Hope you can see them :)

Not my favourite type of packaging since it is easy to spill.

I just want to refer it as a toner (although it is a multitasking product). I uses a lot of toner on my skincare routine and I feel like it is the first product that I want them to penetrate my skin after all the face cleansing to refresh it back and give it some moisture before putting more skincare on top.

The first time I uses this is without cotton pad since I always dislike cotton pad because it soaks too much liquid and waste the product. So the first time I probably a little excited and put on a lot of it on my face and there's a little white foam residue can be seen, which is later disappears. This is kind of white foam usually gives an extra moisture and this time it definitely does!I actually had no idea since I really thought that this will be a normal plain toner..(I admit that I actually didn't read any of the information before buying this, I'm buying it coz everyone says that it's good).

The second time I tried it with a cotton pad (since I've read all the information for this second try and cotton pad is said to be important) and it does soak the product but lesser than I would normally use without cotton pad. Since it has an abundant moisture, the cotton pad itself doesn't dry in itself and it was enough to give my skin moisture that I want. 

It is says that the Beauty Water will remove impurities or any residue makeup that wasn't cleanse thoroughly. By reading this I really thought it's not gonna change anything since I trust my cleansing oil and my cleansing routine to clean all the nasty stuff. My first try with cotton pad I actually didn't spot any difference, like if there's any residue or whatsoever but then after like a few tries, I do realizes that sometimes the cotton pad will change color from white to a veryyyyyyy subtle yellow, which is almost unnoticeable if I didn't really look through so I guess it does remove all the remaining nasty stuff that I can't reach while cleansing.

Since then, the Beauty Water has been my number one trusted product and I uses it pretty much every time I wash my face. I religiously applying this toner with cotton pad whenever I wash my face. An important time that I always use this is when I wanted to go to bed. I don't really want to go through all the cleansing again since I did with daily night bath time around 7 p.m but I had to apply "before-bed-time-skincare" around 12 a.m so I always uses this toner to clean all the sebum on face before applying more skincare.

Some things that I wanted to point out while using this, I don't have any redness appeared after applying this or I think it does tone down the redness I got from cleansing (it's a normal thing coz after my skincare done, I got redness too but it'll fade away). It also doesn't break me out nor irritate my skin which is a plus thing for me because sometimes some product can make some areas on my face itchy and I hated it. Brightening? I'm not so sure about this. Lastly, it also doesn't dry out the skin or tightens them.

To those who might be concern about the ingredients, yes, it has all the paraben that you might afraid of as well the alcohol denat. I know some of my friends were sensitive to these ingredients so watch out for that before buying it.

Oh one last thing, it says that there is lavender water in it but I definitely detect the rose smell stronger in it. It also has a sweet-like scent to it which I really love. 

Overall, I'm recommending this toner if you love multitasking product. Grab the smaller version 340ml or a sample( which I'm not sure where you can get this little sample) to try since this is worth the raved everyone was talking about on the internet.

Thank you for reading

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

[REVIEW] Yadah Anti Trouble Bubble Cleanser for Pimples, Acne and Blackhead

Hi guys!

Today I'll be reviewing this cleanser from Yadah which is sent to me by
You can purchase this product by clicking HERE for $19.98 with free shipping!

A little info that you might want to know about this product;
  1. A cleanser created for acne of troubled skin.
  2. Contains natural extract and very minimal chemical with low stimulations on the skin and maximum effects against skin toubles.
  3. Main ingredients are Green Tea extract, Aloe Vera gel, Rosemary extract and Sage extract to give natural moisturising effect and hel soothe and astringe the skin.
  4. Low in acidity, similar to skin pH and protects the moisture from leaving the skin.
  5. 6 Free System: No Paraben, No Benzophenon, No Mineral Oil, No Animal materials, No Sulfate, No Artificial dyes

Very little ingredients yet a lot of them are natural extracts.

The pump that makes the foam.

So fluffy~

Before and after cleansing, pardon my hand look a little red  since I scratch it..haha
I would say that it cleans the lipstick after two washes.


1) Smell
Smell a bit medicated, almost natural to me and I dislike it at first but now I'm getting used to it so I don't really dislike it like the first time I was using it.

2) Content
It was written that it is 150ml, and I find that I consume this type of bubble cleanser a lot than I used to with my normal cleanser since the foam didn't give me much "soap" like texture and I like those so I find that this a little thin for me and the result it I used about 3-4 pumps per use. 

3) Pump
I do like the pump because it saves the time to manually do it and with a few pumps, I can just put it on my face, massage it a little and it goes away easily with water.

4) After wash
It doesn't stripe away my skin moisture since it has a low pH but it feels matte? I don't know how to describe this but that's how I feel after washing it off.

5) Breakouts
I don't have any breakout with this and I find that this cleanser control my redness really well and doesn't cause new acne or pimples to form on my face.

Overall, I do like this cleanser a lot since I almost emptied the bottle now.
Thank you for reading :)

Friday, February 3, 2017

[REVIEW] Yadah Oh My Sun Slush SPF50+PA+++

Hello there!
This time I'll be reviewing this sun cream from Yadah which has been sent to me by and you can purchased this sun cream HERE for $14.95 and free shipping :)

I actually wanted to try this for so long now but I always forgotten to add this to my cart every time I went for Kbeauty shopping and I'm sooo glad that BBcosmetic are sending me this to try and I cry tears of joy! :D
A little info you might want to know about this product:
1) It is a sun cream, which you usually use as the last step in your skincare routine.
2) It uses 50% of organic cactus in it which is grown in clean, environment-friendly farm
3) It has moisturizing and cooling effect.
4) It is FREE from Paraben, Alcohol Denat, Benzophene, Mineral Oil, Talc and Tar Color.
5) Came in squeeze bottle, 50ml/ 1.69fl.oz

The texture looks like a smoothie to me.

1) Scent
It has a soapy kind of smell to it which I don't really bothered about. 

2) Texture
It looks like a smoothie to me but it was definitely light and not sticky!

3) Moisture and cooling
As it says, the sun cream gives moisture and cooling to the skin. I find that it wasn't oily and feels like I put on an emulsion to my face.

4) Color
It looks white but it spreads clear on the skin and another thing that I notice is that it gives a glow to the face. I'm used to have my skin kinda dull and I notice that my complexion is brighten with this although it doesn't have any white cast to it.

5) Packaging
Yassss..I don't know about you guys but I was definitely attracted to the packaging and the name, sun slush. Doesn't that sounds like you'll get refresh with the pretty green color to it? I do though. The tube looks like it was made from aluminium but it's not. It's definitely like the other squeezable tube out there.

6) Long lasting
The moisture is definitely long lasting! I love it!

7) Waterproof
I don't think it is waterproof since they don't mention it and it was easy to wash too.

Overall, I looooveeee this sun cream. You might know that I never really mention sun cream before because I used to hate it but not with this! 

Thank you for reading :)